Surprise snow and update on stuff

Hey, wow, I am posting on my site again that I said I was going to post on more and less on Anti Social Media. Well, kinda and been kinda busy.

First off, today I was working at home and studying some new computer setups for SCV along with building some custom stuff when all the sudden it started snowing. I know rare in Minnesota right? Well at least for the last 5 weeks it has been pretty rare.

I did not think much of it until the call came out about a multi vehicle crash just north of town on Highway 10 .

Semi Truck being pulled back onto the roadway on Highway 10.
Icy Weather and Crashes as Winter hangs on in Sauk Rapids, MN

Some other work over the last week that I did that was not about the weather was some freelance work in the crime news scene.

I got a message that something was going down on the east side of town on March 4th. Something was up as there was a heavy police prescience and nobody was talking and giving me the look of WTF are you doing here. I did see them bring the man out and load him into the ambulance but did not record that part since I could tell he did not look good and that footage never is used anyway. I did document the scene as they put up the tape and lock down the area.

Saint Cloud Police incident at 2nd and Wilson Avenue SE – 3/4/2020

Then as if there was something in the air that day, while calling it a night, a police chase passes right by me on the way home and crashes a few blocks from home.

3/4/2020 Police chase ends with suspect crashing.

From the radio traffic and the jail booking details, the guy had a bunch of warrants out for him for drugs and other crimes.

Not much else to update, not hording toilet paper, not building a bunker, luckily not getting sick so I do have my health. Just trying to keep the family healthy and working on new projects out side of chasing to work on in tandem before the spring chase season.