Welcome Back, we survived 2020

Wow, its been so long since I updated the personal blog page that I don’t know where to begin. It is kind of like writing a letter to an old friend to say what has been happening with the family and life in general.

Limited my time on Anti Social Media, yeah I saw that one coming. Been working on back end stuff for SCV and taking more personal time to work on other side projects. The stuff I want to do, not the stuff I have to do.

I have also been doing a ton of reading and audio books. Always trying to keep learning and I will say I did have a laugh a few months ago. I just finished up a book by Survivorman Les Stroud and I was listening to his audio book when out of the blue at the worst timing as I was rush to go and pick up Neva at the court house since she just got done with Jury Duty, I received a phone call from a unknown number that did not get flagged by the several spam and robo caller app’s that I use to avoid the scams. The guy on the other end was asking the standard questions about rates and how to get video. Since I was driving and rushing I had to cut him short and asked if I could call him back. I asked him what his name was, he said “Les Stroud”… I was like WTF and said “Survivorman?” He said “yeah that’s me” Told him to give me five minutes as I was picking the wife up from Jury Duty and I would call him right back.

Yeah, I had that Holy Shit moment where the song BU2B came to mind “The universe has a plan…” I called him back and depending how 2021 goes with Covid, lock downs, travel restrictions and such, we could be doing some cool new productions if the stars align. But it was still pretty cool to have someone whose work you admired for year’s with how they did all the camera work by themselves for their TV show and then out of the blue they call you. I kind of see how musicians feel when someone they have admired and listened to for year’s calls them up and says hey, we should do something together.

So what about the insane 2020 Hurricane season? Well due to Covid and injuring my foot with a nice deep hole from a planters wart and not wanting to be walking in waste water with open wounds, I was told to sit out most of the season. I did make it down for Hurricane Delta where I chased with Simon Brewer and that was probably one of the funniest chases of my life. Here is the video from that chase. https://youtu.be/ZqiVJPfCKHE

Winter has been so so for the season but like I said, I have been working on other side projects for what I want to do and not what I have to do. Hopefully in the next couple of weeks the SteamPunk computer system will be operational . I just sorted through the life’s work and organized about 100 Terabytes of data and removed duplicated data and then backed up everything. Once the Steam Punk setup is up and running, I’ll post some photos of it. It is several computers and editing systems in a custom painted half rack. Trust me, it will look cool.

Otherwise not much else is new. Laura is going to be five next month and time does not stand still at all. Off to read the shortest book on my book list that just came in today. Neil Peart’s Illustrated Quotes. 100 pages of quotes from the legend. This should take me about 15 minutes to read.