Winter Storm, Pile Up On I-35 and Metro Heavy Snow 12-10-2021

I was out at it again in southern Minnesota in the middle of the winter storm and stuck close to the hots spots of known travel areas where traffic is known to pile up. It did not take long and one area just to the north of Faribault had a pretty bad pile up. I did not hear about any serious accidents but the Interstate was shut down for hours due to the numerous jack knifed Semi Trucks.

Winter Storm, Interstate 35 Pileup, Faribault MN 12-10-2021

As the storm progressed, the worst of the heavy band of snow was setting up around the south side of the Twin Cities metro area. I shot the following footage around Minneapolis to the south end of down down by Burnsville, MN and Bloomington, MN.

Winter Storm Creates Slick Roads In The Twin Cities – 12/10/2021

Overall this was an interesting event that was the far northern end of the historic tornado outbreak that impacted the region from Arkansas, Missouri, Kentucky and Tennessee.