Hartland, MN Rare December Extensive Tornado Damage and Close Lightning 12/15/2021

Epic Lightning on the tornado warned storm in Freeborn county just south of the town of Hartland that was hit with a possible tornado. Footage then continues with an extensive damage survey of the down showing numerous building and homes damaged including damage to the back side of the post office, a destroyed bank and several severely damaged businesses and homes. I split these up into two videos to since it took a while to edit the Komodo footage.

Hartland, MN Storm Damage
I love this camera, no rolling shutter on the lightning footage. #ShotOnRed
Snow on the ground and lightning fills the sky. Image from the Sony A7R Mk4

And it looks like a busy holiday week with weather in Northern Minnesota. Still checking the forecast for the rest of the country but I an trying to figure out how I can get caught up with work and get out to chase the next severe event to document more lightning footage next month with some of the Southern Storms.