Good Bye Dad

One of the hardest blog posts I have had to write.  While I was out on assignement up in International Falls, MN earlier this month, my sister called me as I was setting up for the daylight -42F video package and told me that I needed to head back to Minneapolis as soon as possible today since my dad took a turn for the worse. 

My father was in the hospital for Phenomena and COPD for the last half of December and the start of this month.  When the doctors did an X-Ray on this chest, they found several blockages of his heart along with the phenomena and the damage from the COPD.
It was not looking good but he had come back form this before several years ago so I thought maybe this time he could beat it again.  This time we were told several times to come on down to say goodbye and then when we were there, they just said they wanted to update us on his condition and it was not serious. 

So on the morning of January 2nd, this time the tone was different in my Sisters voice and after wrapping up the last of the video, I headed back from the Canadian Boarder to Minneapolis in record time.  I was not able to make it back in time before he passed away and missed him by 45 minutes.