WTF, were are you blog posts?

Ok, so I get a lot of people wondering WTF, where are the updates to your blogs? What are you up to? Where are the new photos and video? Short answer, I'm over worked and doing the work of a two or three people to run my company and soon I will have a full time assistant helping me run the company. Check to for the updates. Right now, I'm trying to get this website software up to date with the current versions of the CMS or content management setup software. The problem I'm having is there is some bugs in the software from much older versions of it from way back in 2006 and it has to do with stuff in the SQL database that is pretty much just a pain in the ass to try and solve. Next week, if the weather is mellow, I'm going to be working on a ton of accounting stuff and website upgrade stuff so come 2015, I'll have a lot of to do lists stuff off the list and ready to go chase and grow into something much larger and more fun. Hope everyone has a safe and fun holiday week. Doug