Insane cold ground blizzard near Fergus Falls, MN 2/12/2020

New footage of the powerful ground blizzard and extreme cold weather that hit northwestern Minnesota this afternoon.   Footage shot in the -45F or -45C wind chills near Fergus Falls, MN.  Includes vivid Sun dogs, white out conditions and shots of time and temp showing double digit sub zero air temp.

Powerful Ground Blizzard hits Otter Tail County MN – 4K – 2/12/2020

Yes you read that correctly, -45F/C because at -45 Fahrenheit and -45 Celsius the temp is basically the same . This was wind chill and not air temp so it was a lot more raw on the skin and thinly covered hands. I found out the hard way as my thin gloves where no match for the windchill.

I was hyper focused on getting certain shots for archive usage and was not thinking about the wind chill being as bad as it was. Lucky no damage was done and I was able to warm up in the truck. Another down side tot he extreme cold is the wear and tear on the camera equipment and the batteries. I swear the batteries that should last at least an hour where dead in about 12 minutes.

In the end it was all worth it.

Sun Dog Over Fergus Falls, MN.
Sun Dog over Fergus Falls, MN
Sign warning of blizzard conditions.

Later this week I hope to get the missing blogs from the past month up on the site. Life Happens 🙂