March 2005 Blogs

 03/31/2005 - 04/02/2005 In Iowa at the National Weather Association Conference. Here is a photo I took outside this afternoon 04/2/2005 of a April Fools Cloud...

Funky Clouds Over Des Moines Iowa

03/30/2005 Out chasing in southern Minnesota and Iowa today. 

03/20/2005 - 03/30/2005 On Vacation taking care of stuff.

03/18/2005 Winter Storm Warning Today. The weather was just nasty in Southern Minnesota. I shot some great winter storm video today in Steele County Minnesota, which is just south of the metro area. Here is the raw video that was on The Weather Channel today.

03/18/2005 Shooting video for The Weather Channel03/18/2005 Shooting video for The Weather Channel

Here is the first snow video from southern Minnesota.

Here is the second video from around Minneapolis, MN

03/17/2005 Out shooting video for The Weather Channel today of the snow storm in Albert Lea MN

03/17/2005 Shooting video for The Weather Channel

03/15/2005 Taking some time out to relax and get some new ink work done. I got a new tattoo. I'll post a better photo as soon as it heels up. Thats the hurricane symbol on my upper right arm.


Fresh Ink

3/11/2005 - PM Out shooting video for The Weather Channel this afternoon of the heavy snow that moved through the Minneapolis, MN area. It was pretty strange to be out shooting snow video since we are in a major snow drought this year.

03/11/2005 Shooting video for The Weather Channel

03/11/2005 - AM Relaxing At Home, finished up watching the second season of 24 on DVD (that show rocks!!!) and working on more of the website updates.

03/10/2005 Relaxing at home trying to shake this cold and working on the webpage updates. Also catching up on the second season of the show 24. The wild fire video is up on line again as well as the tornado video and photo section.

03/09/2005 At Home Sick

03/08/2005 At Home Sick 0

3/07/2005 When I got home tonight the parking lot was full of EMS workers for a fire in an apartment building next to mine.  It was nice not having to deal with police lines since I was already on scene and lived there.


3/07/2005 -P.M. Out playing weather channel photographer this afternoon with the weather turning chilly in Minneapolis for the evening shows.

03/07/2005 Shooting video for The Weather Channel

03/07/2005 Back home from the Aurora Chase and got some interesting video. I got this aurora video that is just crazy emerald green. Maybe since its March, its an Irish Aurora.

03/06/2005 Taking a break from the site update to chase some aurora's tonight. Currently I'm somewhere northeast of Minneapolis trying to get ahead of the cloud deck moving in. Here is an Aurora photograph near Harris MN, about 50 miles north of Minneapolis and St. Paul. Click on the image to view a larger image.

Northern Lights Video & Photographs

3/05/2005 Home in Minneapolis today. Ahhh, good to be home. Back working on the website updates. Texas chase trip is still planned but waiting for a good active weather pattern first.

3/04/2005 In Fort Pierce Florida today working on some business stuff with the hurricane videos.

Photo of Baby Horse

Baby Horse On A Farm on my way back to Orlando to catch a flight home. use. Yeah, I just had to stop and take a picture. I think the horse was even smiling at the camera... The sunset on the drive back to Orlando to go home.

Sunset Photo

03/03/2005 Off to Florida Today for an quick unplanned business trip to check out a few things out and take care of someones mess.

03/01/2005 The new web server is fully operational as of this morning. Gigs of space for the new site and some new surprises like live video. Todays project will be to get the stock photography gallery pages up and running