Today’s to-do list. Drop Laura off to Daycare and then go storm chase…

Today started off crazy, woke up early from the weather alarms going off and then looked at the radar and knew I had to get Laura to daycare earlier then normal. The storms where not severe but the amount of water in them was pretty decent that I knew we would get at least several inches in about an hour.

I was able to get Laura off to daycare before the roads flooded and made for a mess. I finally got a shot I have been looking to get on camera for a while of someone stalling out in the flooding and at 53 seconds, someones day just turned out pretty bad before 8:00 a.m.

Footage shows lots of flooding in the area. One of the funny things I saw was this, “Here’s Your Sign…”

Large Hail And High Winds In Overnight Storms in Corcoran, MN

Did not get a chance to get out to the Dakota’s today for the storms but just after 9:00p.m after we got Laura to bed finally… (but wait, I need this, but wait I want another hug, hey, i got out of bed, tuck me in again…) I was going to wrap up some things in the office then get to bed early. Well that did not go as planned as severe storms with some insane lightning fired up to the south of town and I got the urge to go chase.

In the video above, you can see I made it to the northwest side of the metro where the hail was large but luckily I managed to avoid the big hail while under cover. This week is starting to shape up to an active week.

Day Two of chasing for 2020

As odd as it seems and and strange as it feels, the weather co-operated for a second day in a row to get out and storm chase locally.

The storms where just to the north of home on the north end Benton County and around Little Falls, MN.

It was a little off on the social media post as the GPS said I was in Benton County but the storm itself was over Little Falls, so I will call it Little Falls with some big lightning.

Every year I need to get back into the groove of shooting for the type of weather I’m chasing and I’m in the middle of the summer but its only the second active day of chasing for 2020 for me. There have been some days in early May but those don’t count as I never even took out a camera.

So after a few days of chasing and active photo and video work with multiple cameras, I’m getting back into the groove now. I’m am not a fan of the 4K Rolling Shutter and lightning as it was a major headache today. Looking into some options and ideas to avoid it without having to give up 4K but that might not be cheap ether.

I was able to get a couple decent lightning photos with my signature road to nowhere or as others call it, me standing in the middle of a desolate road trying to photograph lightning or something… Below is the best one from the day.

Here are the stats, ISO 200, 35MM, F22 for three seconds.
The image is not cropped and other then cleaning up a couple of dust bunnies on the sensor for the image, this is raw.

Back On The Road To Nowhere 6/29/2020 – Doug Kiesling

Now onto the video. The first part is the crazy lightning and the second half is the flooding around Little Falls, MN. I did put in one 240FPS slow motion lightning clip as the second clip that was from the same bolt of the first clip but on the slow motion camera. Just watch the video, you will figure out what I’m saying. It is 3:30 AM and I have to be up in three hours for Laura to go to pre school so if I continue to type, its going to be gibberish.

Dusted off the camera’s and chased this weekend.

Yes, the 2020 dumpster fire, weather drought finally is starting to change a little with storms this weekend in southern Minnesota.

Their actually was a Tornado Watch, I think the first one of the season for Minnesota and while the storms had some decent rotation, there where no wedges, no major damage, not even much lightning on the storms near Rochester, MN that went severe through Mower county.

Tornado Watch

So while the storms where a decent reprieve from the dry dusty boring or as I’m calling it now “Protest and Riot Weather” for the Twin Cities and the rest of the state it has been pretty much SOCAL or Southern California like weather with no rain, low humidity and clear sky day after day after day after day…

Sorry, I’m just not use to this weather, this perfect weather, day after day. So when the chance to go chase what looked like a half decent setup lined up with my schedule, I literally dusted off the camera gear and got the Jeep ready and headed south.

I intercepted the storm near Elkton, MN and followed it through Mower County to just east of Racine, MN. Beyond that point to the east you start to get into the really bad chase area of the hills and trees and I just called it before sunset.

Mower County, MN Severe Storms And Possible Tornado – 6/28/2020

At the end of the chase on the way home, I stopped near Cannon Falls, MN and got a time lapse of the shelf cloud just to make this a complete 2020 chase video 🙂

Wow, 2020 turned into a Dumpster Fire…

With the new year there was the new hope of 2020 being the year everything was to come together and be in focus.

What a crock of crap that turned out to be. As the new year began, China gave the world the Wuhan Flu. Complain all you want but it is the Wuhan Flu, just like forest fires are named after the area they started in and tornadoes where they formed near. Remember the Happy Tornado? Happy Texas!!!

So with what a lot of chasers where calling the WuTang Flu at ChaserCon turned into a major dumpster fire and the world went into lock down. Toilet paper become worth its weight in gold, food started to get scarce as farmers started loosing all their clients since the entertainment industry and hospitality industry shut down so crops rotted and were plowed under as live stock was killed and burred… Like I said, Dumpster Fire… News of almost 100,000 people in the USA have died of Covid 19 or as I like to call it “The Rona” things started to look like it was getting better, the weather was almost perfect for those that like nice weather. Even the sky was a deeper blue most days as there was a lack of air traffic.

Just as we thought we could come out of the bunker, now it was Asian Murder Hornets… But that lasted about a week in the news.

So, after months of lock down and then news of Murder Hornets, The Rona which was played out to be as what some called The New Ebola but turned out it sucked but not anywhere near as bad as Ebola. With everyone going a little insane and wanting to get out and try to get back to life as normal, my home town of Minneapolis says “Hold My Beer”…

I did not go and cover the protests since I knew it would turn into a riot after dark, I avoided that scene. As my friend Chris who is a photojournalist at a local news station put it, would your daughter want you going to cover that story or stay home where it was safe? He said his kids where worried about him covering the story. Fast forward a few days later and now we get news stories about several journalists being shot at by the police and even arrested on live national TV.

Yeah, Cluster Fuck is a term that is pretty much describes it. I do know of some chasers that did go and cover the looting and riots and even one that covered the people setting the police station getting set on fire. All I can say is good luck with the FBI Investigation over when they come knocking and asking questions.

Over all this spring chase season has been dead. There have been very few tornadoes and the Storm Prediction Center only issued a record 10 tornado watches in the Month of May. So I did not get out more then a couple of times and those days where pretty much busts.

Now fast forward to June, thing are starting to pick up but the still far below normal. This mean’s that while I’m not chasing any tornadoes, I have been able to play around with side projects and stuff that I have been wanting to do for years. Back in 2014 I had a Canon 70D customized to remove the sensor filter. Thus it made the camera into a Full Spectrum camera that would not filter out any Ultra-Violet or Infra-Red light.

Using custom lens filters for IR and UV light, I was now able to capture images of a very unique area. Earlier this week I finally dusted off the customized camera and got back out to play with it in the lightning.

Here is one of the daylight lightning images in the IR spectrum from near Cosmos, MN.

6/2/2020 Infra Red Lightning image from near Cosmos, MN.

Remember, this is not a black and white image. The camera sensor was only able to see the Infra Red light wave lengths.

I know it has been a while since I updated the site and the blog, damn social or Anti Social media keeps getting in the way. I will get some of the past blogs that where never finished up published this weekend. Now it is time to tend the garden and get everything finished planting and watered.

Surprise snow and update on stuff

Hey, wow, I am posting on my site again that I said I was going to post on more and less on Anti Social Media. Well, kinda and been kinda busy.

First off, today I was working at home and studying some new computer setups for SCV along with building some custom stuff when all the sudden it started snowing. I know rare in Minnesota right? Well at least for the last 5 weeks it has been pretty rare.

I did not think much of it until the call came out about a multi vehicle crash just north of town on Highway 10 .

Semi Truck being pulled back onto the roadway on Highway 10.
Icy Weather and Crashes as Winter hangs on in Sauk Rapids, MN

Some other work over the last week that I did that was not about the weather was some freelance work in the crime news scene.

I got a message that something was going down on the east side of town on March 4th. Something was up as there was a heavy police prescience and nobody was talking and giving me the look of WTF are you doing here. I did see them bring the man out and load him into the ambulance but did not record that part since I could tell he did not look good and that footage never is used anyway. I did document the scene as they put up the tape and lock down the area.

Saint Cloud Police incident at 2nd and Wilson Avenue SE – 3/4/2020

Then as if there was something in the air that day, while calling it a night, a police chase passes right by me on the way home and crashes a few blocks from home.

3/4/2020 Police chase ends with suspect crashing.

From the radio traffic and the jail booking details, the guy had a bunch of warrants out for him for drugs and other crimes.

Not much else to update, not hording toilet paper, not building a bunker, luckily not getting sick so I do have my health. Just trying to keep the family healthy and working on new projects out side of chasing to work on in tandem before the spring chase season.

Busy day, Press Bar burns and snow storm

Wow, what another busy day here. I heard the news about the Press Bar on fire and as soon as I dropped off Laura to daycare / pre school, I headed home to switch out vehicles with all the gear in the work truck and headed downtown to cover the fire.

Overhead drone shot of the Press Bar on fire in Downtown Saint Cloud, MN

I was able to get the drone up as soon as I got on scene and used the building’s in downtown Saint Cloud to over over as to not over over any people. I was able to pull off this amazing photograph that I posted above and get some great footage of the scene.

Five Alarm Fire Destroys Historic Press Bar In Downtown St Cloud, MN.

And by the time I was finished and got the footage out to the networks, round two came into the area with heavy snow and icy roads. I was able to get on scene asap to document what was happening.

Stearns County, MN Ice Covered Roads And Crashes – 2/17/2020

Footage made it on ABC News and The Weather Channel. the next day. All in all it was a productive, chaotic and busy day, just the way I like them.

Insane cold ground blizzard near Fergus Falls, MN 2/12/2020

New footage of the powerful ground blizzard and extreme cold weather that hit northwestern Minnesota this afternoon.   Footage shot in the -45F or -45C wind chills near Fergus Falls, MN.  Includes vivid Sun dogs, white out conditions and shots of time and temp showing double digit sub zero air temp.

Powerful Ground Blizzard hits Otter Tail County MN – 4K – 2/12/2020

Yes you read that correctly, -45F/C because at -45 Fahrenheit and -45 Celsius the temp is basically the same . This was wind chill and not air temp so it was a lot more raw on the skin and thinly covered hands. I found out the hard way as my thin gloves where no match for the windchill.

I was hyper focused on getting certain shots for archive usage and was not thinking about the wind chill being as bad as it was. Lucky no damage was done and I was able to warm up in the truck. Another down side tot he extreme cold is the wear and tear on the camera equipment and the batteries. I swear the batteries that should last at least an hour where dead in about 12 minutes.

In the end it was all worth it.

Sun Dog Over Fergus Falls, MN.
Sun Dog over Fergus Falls, MN
Sign warning of blizzard conditions.

Later this week I hope to get the missing blogs from the past month up on the site. Life Happens 🙂

High winds blow snow and create slick roads in Stearns County MN – 1/5/2020

High winds blow snow and create slick roads in Stearns County MN – 1/5/2020

With winds gusting up to 49MPH and sustained winds near 30MPH the blowing and drifting snow over the roadways in rural Stearns County made for slippery driving conditions today.

The snow blew over the roadways that warmed up in the in the midday sun and then refroze as Glaze Ice and then had more ice and snow build up on top to create extremely dangerous driving conditions in the high winds.

Footage of the blowing snow and numerous accidents around southeastern Stearns County on Highway 23 and Highway 15.

Shot Description

  • First part of the video shot just north of Paynesville, MN *

Clip 1 Blowing and drifting snow over a road.

Clip 2 POV Drive By of a Jack Knifed Semi Truck on Highway 23.

Clip 3 – 7 Drone footage of the Jack Knifed Semi Truck on Highway 23.

Clip 8 Tow truck arriving on scene for the Jack Knifed Semi.

Clip 9 – 12 Various recovery shots of the Jack Knifed Semi Truck.

  • Second part of the video was shot on Highway 15 near Kimbal, MN *

Clip 13 Blowing and drifting snow on Highway 15.

Clip 14 Snow plow on Highway 15.

Clip 15 Vehicle in the ditch in the blowing snow on Highway 15.

Clip 16 American Flag blowing in the clear blue sky.

Clip 17 Vehicle in the ditch and town truck with a plow truck driving past the scene.

Clip 18 Tow truck driver shoveling out the car in the ditch.

Clip 19 POV clip of a wreck on Highway 15.

Clip 20 Blowing snow over a snow drift with tree’s in the back ground.

Clip 21 Blowing snow and a stop sign with the blowing snow drifting.

Clip 22 Blowing and drifting snow over a open field.

Clip 23 Blowing and drifting snow with a long orange snow fence causing the snow to pile up along the side of the road in the field.

Clip 24 POV Driving in blowing snow over the road making everything look white.

Clip 25 Following slow moving traffic with the blowing snow over the Highway.

Clip 26 – 29 Various shots of snow plows.

Name your own price, expensive…

Was out covering the slick roads and crashes today and came upon one that was pretty classic. Someone rear ended a insurance company SUV.

I don’t think they have accident forgiveness…

A fast moving clipper system moved through the state of Minnesota today and brought just enough snow to make the roads extremely slick during the afternoon rush hour.

Dozens of Accidents where reported around the Saint Cloud, MN metro area with one aftermath of a Progressive Auto Insurance vehicle that was rear ended. We think someone wanted to really name their own price, EXPENSIVE, for hitting an insurance company vehicle…

Clipper system creates slick roads around St. Cloud, MN – 1/3/2019