Still Alive in 2021

Hello World, Again… Yes still around, still alive and still being me. I have not updated the site in months and well, sorry about that, not much to report. The Spring was pretty much a dude for me for weather and then the summer was a huge drought.

I did get back out for the Auroras the other night.

Aurora Borealis over Minnesota
Aurora north of Saint Cloud, MN

Yes I did get video of this event and that is up on our Youtube Channel.

Vivid Auroras Fill The Night Sky Over Minnesota 10/11/2021

What else is going on. Well we survived getting Covid. That was not fun but we are alive to talk about it but unfortunately we did lost a good friend and chase partner, Dan Fruechte, to the damn virus.

Laura is now officially a Kindergartener with attitude.

Pretty much just working on stuff behind the scenes for SCV and trying to keep up with the every rapidly changing world and life.

I will be updating the site more as I’m pretty much off Crackbook except for the 15 minutes a day I have allotted myself for work. I’m still using Twitter but even that is limited as well. Not bringing the cell phone with everywhere or carrying it around all the time as I’m enjoying more freedom from being connected 24×7 with automation taking over more of my work.

It is late and don’t want to wake the family up as we all have to be up at 6am to get ready for the day.

Bye for now and I will be working on back log of updates and what the heck I have been doing and currently doing.